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Paritas Global Wealth Strategy

A balanced risk management approach – avoiding large drawdowns – ultimately delivers long-term outperformance and superior risk adjusted returns.

Lower risk doesn’t mean settling for lower returns.

A Repeatable Investment Process

Our quantitative investment process is designed to deliver consistently high risk-adjusted returns

  • Step 1. Quantify

    Calculate the risk that each asset contributes to the portfolio

  • Step 2. Optimize

    Determine the appropriate amount of capital for each asset to achieve a balanced target risk level

  • Step 3. Allocate

    Rebalance the assets in the portfolio to match the new target allocations

Risk Management Redefined

We construct a globally diversified portfolio that is invested across asset classes and segments.

  • Risk is balanced evenly among the four major asset classes.
  • Asset classes are broken down into asset segments which are further divided.
  • Capital is allocated to maintain a constant risk target, rather than static capital targets.

Asset allocation/diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Why Focus On Risk?

Risk defines the outcome for most investors’ portfolios

Portfolio wealth must be managed to withstand unexpected market shocks. Therefore, risk must be managed effectively through careful analysis and quantification.

Clients are focused on protecting losses and so are we

We define risk as the probability of a negative outcome.

Risk can be quantified

Traditionally, investors have attempted to predict the unpredictable and focused on forecasting events and results. We analyze market data to construct optimized portfolios for the current risk environment.

Systematic Rebalancing Adds Value

Risk is constantly changing, portfolios should be adaptive

The success of the Global Wealth Strategy is a function of our ability to reallocate capital in line with our proprietary research on market risk.

Monitoring Risk 24/7

We monitor our portfolios to ensure that the risk targets have been met and that each account is optimized for the current market environment.

Tax-efficient trading

Our trading process is tax-aware; our goal is to provide investors with high after-tax returns.

The Best of All Worlds

Actively managed SMA using passive ETFs

We’ve diligently researched how to construct a global balanced risk portfolio with an active top-down strategy combined with highly-liquid passive ETF investments.

Pure asset class exposure with minimal overlap

GWS invests in “best fit” asset class indices. The portfolio has minimal overlap in its holdings, unlike the composition of many peer group competitors.

Low cost and highly effective

Every ETF holding is scrutinized for quality and cost. The GWS “all weather” portfolio is a solid long-term core holding for most risk-averse investors.

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