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Understanding S&P’s GICS® Sector Realignment

S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI are making major changes to the Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS®) structure effective the close of business September 21. The Telecommunication Services sector will be expanded to include selected companies from the Information Technology and Consumer Discretionary sectors and will be renamed Communication Services.

Is Now the Time to Sell Treasuries?

The year 2018 has been marked as an important one for fixed income markets. So far it has been a year filled with speculation and uncertainty. One of the big-ticket items -- the number of rate hikes that the U.S. Federal Reserve will conduct throughout the year.

A Different Way to Combat Fee Compression

No matter what business type one analyzes, it is evident that the world is getting even more competitive. A key area of focus is saving clients money. From free 2-day shipping to online deal sites like Gilt City, one thing is abundantly clear: you need to offer your goods and/or services at a...

Tech Giveth; Tech Taketh Away

The S&P 500® Information Technology Index has been on a significant bull run for quite some time now, especially since the beginning of 2017. It has outpaced the other S&P 500® sectors by a wide margin. It also has the largest weight within the S&P 500® Index, significantly contributing to the S&P...