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Maximize Wealth by Minimizing Losses

As a trusted partner of Financial Advisors, we actively manage a global portfolio of passive ETFs.

We are redefining the balance between risk and return.

The Paritas Advantage

We manage portfolios by analyzing risk in a unique way to build wealth.

Downside Protection

Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns

Performance Consistency

Direct Access to PM Team

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An Alternative to Alternatives

Protecting against sharp market declines is the key to long-term success.

We build better portfolios, using balanced risk, that aim to help your clients weather the downturns while still offering meaningful capital appreciation potential.

Protection and Growth

Significantly Lower Fees

No Leverage or Derivatives

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Rethinking Risk Management

To deliver successful outcomes for investors, portfolio wealth must be managed to withstand unexpected market shocks.

Our research has identified why traditional strategies have typically failed investors:

Static Allocations

Ineffective Rebalancing

Unreliable Forecasting

Inconsistent Security Selection

We believe a dynamic approach, utilizing balanced risk, is a new and better way to protect and growth wealth.

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High Net Worth Investors are Risk Averse

Risk Tolerance Level

Investors are less risk tolerant than they may be willing to admit to their advisor.

Why Paritas

A Quantitative, Repeatable Investment Process

Our balanced risk approach is sustainable and disciplined. We trust our methodology because it objective, rules based, and tested.

Loss Aversion is our Primary Mission

Our research driven focus is to minimize the potential for capital loss.

Proactive Risk Management

If the market environment is changing, we won’t hesitate to take action to protect capital.

Broad Diversification with Minimal Overlap

Our portfolios are constructed using carefully selected ETFs, which help us get exposure to many more positions in a cost efficient manner.

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