Why Paritas

We manage portfolios by analyzing risk in a unique way to build wealth

Downside Protection

Defend against sharp market declines

Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns

Get rewarded fairly for the risk you take

Performance Consistency

A smoother ride over market cycles

Direct Access to PM Team

Know what you own and why


We Believe...

Portfolio wealth must be managed to withstand unexpected market shocks. Therefore, risk must be managed effectively through careful analysis and quantification.

Since risk is constantly changing, portfolios need to be adaptive. Achieving the desired outcome (i.e., wealth protection/accumulation) is paramount.

Risk management is our strength.

How We Think...

Our risk management approach – avoiding large drawdowns – ultimately delivers long-term outperformance. Lower risk doesn’t mean settling for lower returns.

What Makes Us Different

Our unique, rules based methodology is the result of differentiated thinking.

Paritas Capital

  • No economic or market forecasting
  • Employs a risk-based approach to portfolio management
  • Diversifies broadly based on volatility and correlation
  • More consistent results over up and down markets
  • Objective: deliver higher risk-adjusted returns

Traditional Managers

  • Try to predict the unpredictable; focused on market and/or economic forecasting
  • Capital-based allocation ignores risk factors
  • Capital allocation does not equal risk exposure
  • Ineffective sell discipline tends to produce underperformance over time
  • Inconsistent results lead to dissatisfaction

What Makes Us Better

Our focus is to deliver the successful outcomes that clients desire.

To achieve that goal, we are committed to developing investment solutions that incorporate these key attributes.

Additionally, our commitment to achieving best industry practice standards includes firm wide GIPS® verification.
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  • Risk Focused
  • Low Cost
  • Repeatable
  • Transparent
  • Emotionless
  • Tax-Aware
  • Downside Protection
  • Accessibility


Our repeatable investment process is designed to deliver consistently high risk-adjusted returns

  • Step 1: Quantify

    Calculate the risk that each asset contributes to the portfolio

  • Step 2: Optimize

    Determine the appropriate amount of capital for each asset to achieve a balanced target risk level

  • Step 3: Allocate

    Rebalance the assets in the portfolio to match the new target allocations


Global Wealth Strategy

Global Tactical Allocation

  • A risk-based, quantitative portfolio strategy
  • Global diversification across 44 markets via low-cost index ETFs1
  • Rebalanced systematically
  • Tax-aware
  • Below average fees2
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US Large Cap Wealth Strategy

US Large Cap Core

  • A risk-based, quantitative portfolio strategy
  • Broadly diversified across all 11 S&P 500 Sectors
  • Rebalanced systematically
  • Seeks to outperform the S&P 500 Index with similar risk
  • Opportunistically rotates sector allocations to deliver alpha
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Paritas' Wealth Strategies are managed using proprietary quantitative research:
  • Emotionless
  • Disciplined
  • Repeatable
Paritas' Wealth Strategies are:
Paritas' Wealth Strategies are constructed to:
  • Deliver more consistent returns
  • Protect from sharp market declines
  • Achieve the expected financial outcome

1Holdings may also include ETN’s.
2As calculated by Morningstar for the Global Tactical Allocation peer group.


Douglas J. Hedley

Doug is the lead portfolio manager for Paritas' investment strategies. With more than 32 years of industry experience, he brings extensive knowledge and expertise in global capital markets.
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Mike serves as co-portfolio manager for the firm's investment strategies. He has in-depth knowledge and expertise with portfolio analytics, research, performance reporting, and systems integration.
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Pete serves as the COO & CCO of Paritas. He is a results-oriented executive officer with 23 years of financial and operations experience and brings extensive best practices knowledge to the firm.
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